Pushing limits

We took off on a great hiking adventure! Our hike through the Anaga mountains started at Igueste de San Andres. Thinking back on the hike I must say, that we probably weren’t as prepared for it as we initially thought. Hiking through Anaga was my first hike during which I consciously reached and pushed a … More Pushing limits

About: Becoming a better person. Another Day 1.

Sometimes I get stressed. About stress: A sentiment I first experienced in the peculiar form of dis-stress during the beginning of university. And impatient. About impatience: A negative sentiment I first experienced during university, but really first consciously notices during my stay in Spain, where time passes by differently, and where I  adapted back to … More About: Becoming a better person. Another Day 1.


What does it need to give someone else this incredible rush of happiness and secure feeling that washed over ones entire body? Sure, every hug matters – biology tells us so, but there are certain hugs that have this,… uhm… Koality! So snug and tight and wow. I have quite a few light bulb memories. … More Koality